American Migrations


Welcome to the American Migrations Project, a resource for teaching and research about African American and Latino migrations that have shaped American history. Through this project, researchers, K-12 teachers and university faculty work together to create curriculum for teaching and learning about these migrations, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an online resource in the classroom.

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Who is the audience for this site?

We designed this site for teachers looking for ideas in the classrooms.

What you will find here

On this site you will find curriculum ideas and interactive maps to support historical investigations with geographical information systems.

What is a GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System, and refers to software that combines an interactive map with a database that conveys more information (e.g., census data, geographical data, inventory and marketing data). A GIS can be used to display many layers of information on one map, using a variety of colors, shapes and labels. GIS maps are interactive, allowing users to ask questions, zoom in and out, move to different areas, and turn certain data sets on and off. There are many kinds of GIS tools, from professional-grade software used by geographers to enterprise software used by businesses to educational GIS tools used in history and social science classrooms.

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To get started with the American Migrations project, we recommend you begin by browsing the Curriculum or Learning Objectives.